María Luque

Policy envisioner, public relations mapper, earthed-down person.

It’s Maria Luque, public affairs & public policy strategist. Currently investing time in ellaborating and applying mission-oriented innovation methodologies. The targets? Policies & future and sustainable business ventures.


I help build ideas, structure ideas, build legitimacy and an acceptance spirit around them and make them a reality. Usually these ideas become policies, be them specific measures or national strategies. Other times, they become business ventures. To make that happen, I also have to bridge government, industries & society towards a future they can all picture themselves in. I passed my first bill at 23. My vital purpose is aligned with what I do, so you’ll catch me with a smile most of the time.

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Experience & Education

I was raised a Political scientist (Pablo de Olavide & Autonomous University of Barcelona), with law studies. Educated in management & design thinking (IESE & INSEAD courses), and experienced in public affairs, political risk management, business growth and policy-making.


I started my career at 20 with a social communication startup.


Before graduating, I spent more than a year building a geopolitical & emerging risks framework / matrix for an internationalization business.


Later on, I took over the Institutional Relations & Partnerships role at UNSA Andalusia, the United Nations Association in Andalusia (Spain). I helped envision the future national federation of youth United Nations associations, UNSA Spain, awarded with the “Here for Good” prize from Laureate Universities in 2018.


Once graduated, I took on the role of Program Director for the Foro USA Spain organization, a bridge between Spain & the US striving to bring together succesful spanish alumni from Ivy League Universities with youthful diamonds-in-the-rough from all over Spain to share knowledge, best practices and mentoring in their careers. Obtained support from the US Embassy, the Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Fulbright Commission, among others.


Following this role that got me near entrepreneurs & disruptive thought-makers, I entered the small team responsible for the latter creation, lobbying & development of the “Enterpreneurial Nation” Strategy for Spain. After a year’s work, consensus was made over a set of Pro Startup measures between the main political parties, thus being assumed into the latter created Secretary of State for Digital Advancement and the present High Commision for the Enterpreneurial Nation Strategy.


The team resulted within the Association carried on diverse projects relating deep tech startups & defence & IT infrastructure lobbying.


The following year was spent entirely in London (UK), where I developed & implemented the outreach and business development for AKKIBA, an AI Startup that developed machine learning model-algorithms for finance, retail & critical infrastructure. Entering London’s startup ecosystem & mapping the smaller AI one. Minor projects for Big Tech head offices were made there. I took on the opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence, knowledge management and machine learning.


Once back in Spain, I took on the role of senior public affairs consultant for major big tech & pharma clients. The rest is history.

Values, Vision, Beliefs

Compromise. Honesty. Integrity. Empathy. Pragmatism. Hard-work.


I believe in a literate society that’s up to it’s century’s challenges.

Pro Bono Work

I’m very fond of civic causes and pro bono projects relating welfare & rights in both Europe and North America when I find the time, and have created & directed several on #DigitalPolicy #DigitalRights and #Equality. Find my credentials & past projects in the Portfolio section & LinkedIn account.


IRPA AI (Institute For Robotic Process Automation); CLAIRE (pan-European Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe); InterPlanetary Networking Strategy Member at the Internet Society; Neurodivergent.


The following registers are usually updated with the clients I’ve represented during the last economic exercise. Enjoy yourself!


CNMC Lobby Transparency Register

United States

Under the LDA (Lobbying Disclosure Act)

Public identification number (ID) on the Senate Transparency Register: 401105742

Public identification number (ID) on the House Transparency Register: 44848

European Union

EU Commission’s Lobby Transparency Register