I invest myself in ideas, people, policies and ventures that build a better

Public Policy & Affairs / Strategy, Foresight & Intelligence

Bring visions to life

Find the right ideas, people, perspectives and take #action


What can be told in a picture: how do we find the right ideas, the right people and bring #vision to life?

Some picture-hints on policy structured dialogues, events, workshops…

Smart Nations After Shock” Global Dialogue on lessons learned for smart policies, regulation and innovation in Spain, China & Singapore. Watch the discussion between tech giants and tech & privacy professionals. November, 2020

Strategy Towards a Solar System Internet” first workshop for the Strategy Group (IPN; Internet Society). Watch Mr. Vinton Cerf and the group deliver a roadmap to achieve public-private collaboration for internet tech deployment within space. February, 2021


I am

María. A very purpose-driven, curious, creative and committed individual.

I like to think things out from above and from below, forward and backwards, and see if that takes me and us somewhere new. I like to create solutions by interrelating otherwise rigid and unconnected ideas, people, projects and places. Through experience, I like to find doors to everything. Favourite topics include “connectivity” as in connectivity infrastructure, human connectedness, cognition (on / offline), outlier approaches to the causes, impacts and solutions to the above mentioned…

I mostly always act on what I believe can be good. See “About” to find out about my studies, credentials, belongings and path.


I Believe

I believe in a literate society that is up to its century’s challenges.


I believe that a purpose-oriented future, based on principles, values and healthy competitivenes can be unveiled if we start putting order within chaos and thinking long-term: preparing our industries, governments and societies, in present time, to be antifragile and resilient.


I picture myself helping the world re-imagine a social, political & economical common ground during this fourth industrial revolution.


How so? In times of uncertainty, we need to put order within chaos. I believe it will require teams of human beings with a very fine-tuned abstract thinking and emotional intelligence to

  1. Make sense of the complexities we are facing and

  2. Explain them to others.

And that we’ll also require organisation, focus and leadership, for once the paths to go forward are discerned, we’ll have to help the best in each field take the lead, foreseeing what needs to be done and doing it.


By now, I take pride in fulfilling the first two. With time, I’d like to identify and empower thinkers and doers in their work towards innovation & higher good.


I do

I invest my skills and experience in helping envision, create and implement policies that are good for society’s progress and for the growth of industries. To contribute more to that endeavour, I help companies find innovative partners to leverage themselves in the economy of tomorrow. And to help society, governments and industries find common ground in the path of progress, I speak everyone’s language and build common spaces to facilitate consensus.


Right now, through my own venture: Mission-Oriented LTD. Actively working with the connectivity and communications industry, the one I’m most experienced with, to leverage new ideas, through joint ventures and policies, that help secure our future. 


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María Luque, 2021.

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